"Where everyone swims together!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"

Coronovirus (COVID 19) UPDATE June 2020

Please follow us on Facebook - HALF Fish HQ - for all of the updates and to get in touch with us.  We will monitor this way of communication regularly.  We apologise for any inconvenience to any one of our customers and HALF Fishes

Moving to re-opening 06 06 2020


I hope you and your families are well. 


Our team is working hard to plan how HALF Fish HQ will operate when it is time to re-open.  At the moment we do not have a date, but as soon as we do, we will post it here on our facebook page and on our website www.half-fish-training.co.uk.


We want to reassure you that for the safety of everyone we won’t rush to re-open and will do so in the safest way possible, I am sure you have all seen the media leaks about going back to swimming – we will re-open when we feel it is safe for our customers and staff and also as we are a community venture when we can be sure we can open and it be financially viable to do so, as it is very expensive to run a pool without customers!!


Our team will come back on site first to update their training on our new policies and procedures particularly around the safe operation and management of HALF Fish HQ, and add to the large amount of online training they have been doing whilst we have been closed.  I am amazed at the number of CPD opportunities we have managed to take up as a team …. To date more than 200+ training events, as well as becoming accredited as an STA Star Marked Swim School, a credit to the calibre of staff we have on the team.


We will keep you informed as much as we are able too, so please keep an eye on our social media channels and our website, we will be sending out a customer questionnaire to help us to plan, your responses will guide us in how and when we open, so please keep your eyes peeled for all of this and please respond, if you have any queries please ask.


Our priority is making sure our staff and customers are safe and can enjoy the pool fully, we understand that many of you are keen to return and we are too …. When the time is right!


We are looking forward to seeing you all again, as soon as we can…


Shelley and the HALF Fish Team



So here we go ...


We know this is a difficult time for swimming teachers, many of us are self-employed or have our own pools.  Last month myself and Sarah (one of my swimming teachers) created a list of online / free / inexpensive cpds to keep ourselves busy (Sarah had just been to America and had to spend a couple of days in a hotel due to cancelled flights!) .....


As the Covid 19 situation developed we thought we would share our list ..... please feel free to add to this and share it .....


So to access the list please click HERE 



You will be directed to a new page, and then click on each of the hyperlinks to get you to the training that you want to do.


A suggestion from a fellow tutor was to charge for each download of the list ..... for those of you who know me – this hadn’t even crossed my mid – I just wanted to ensure we all have something positive and get through this difficult time ….. so


If you complete one of the CPDs we have added (or another one and let us know what it is so we can share it with everyone else), let us know by completing the table HERE – screen shot it if you want and we will send you a virtual certificate (you print it …. No cost to anyone – just time {which we have a lot of at the moment!!})


If you want to support our pool complete 10 CPDs and let us know (you will still get your certificates) but if you want a bespoke HALF Fish HQ medal we are offering these at £10 ….. we receive NO funding to help us keep our community pool open, so it will help us re-open and give our teachers hope that we will get through this ….. so study with VIRTUAL Fish …..


So who is going to be the first VIRTUAL HALF Fish!!!!

Have a look at the new excting app for our Swim University Swimmers .... download it and record your swimming successes!!

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