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Where everyone swims together .......


Home of the 'Swim University'

swim scheme!


We're taking on a fantastic project moving into our local historical pool in Blackburn, Daisyfield Swimming pool.


The hardwork is underway and we've all been all hands on deck.


Out timetable is on the next page and each month we are adding new sessions.


Come along and become a HALF Fish Supporter (getting a discount on your swims) or even a SHARK (one of our great volunteers) who help us run the building.


If you have any enquires about lessons or how to find us please don't hesitate to get in touch, all details are on the side bar.

Welcome to HALF Fish Training

We are a training company able to organise courses for the aquatic industry from ASA, STA, Highfield and RLSS.


We are able to organise courses that meet YOUR needs .


Many of the courses we run are individualised to meet the teacher or coaches requirements, and so are programmed to fit with your life.


Club as well as Industry based tutors understand the needs of poolside swimmers, we enable them to pass on their expertise to you!


Recent News!

Website is changing, bare with us!

Currently upgrading our website, hoping to make it easier for you to use!

We thank you for your patience and will have it fully functional ASAP!


March 2017

Hadley Whitehead - Candidate for Tutor course



Virgin Island Teaching Course!

Where will HALF Fish links take you?  We have run our training courses in the sea ..... nothing is "impossible" for our team of great tutors .....and they even played with woggles ......

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