"Where everyone swims together!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"

Pool Games and Swimming Tips!

Use the Games, Hints and Tips in your lessons and watch your swimmers progress and have fun!


Know what they're thinking!


Do your swimmers know their PBs?


Do you know what your swimmers think of your sets/lessons on a regular basis?


Try and connect with them and the parents, something as simple as a notebook to evaluate lessons and provide upto date feedback can be key to any progress!


Relationships between coach and swimmer are key to any achievements!

Be willing to support your swimmers throughout!


Hard sets/lessons can break athletes, but with good coaches and teachers they can achieve anything!


Help your swimmers achieve and not only build there  strength/stamina but also create mentally strong individuals!




You can make the difference be it a 4year old's first lesson in the water 
or an olympic athlete, each are necessary buidling blocks to create an all round individual.


Crab Tag!


Develop your groups egg beater leg kick by incorperating it into a game!

The good old fashioned 'Tig'(Tag/It/Catch whichever you like to call it) mixed in with 'bull dogs across'

Covering sideways movement and injecting good competition between your swimmers!

Try it and see how it goes!


Rolling through the Hoop!


Dust of those old hula hoops and put them to use! Re invent games and corect techniques 
with a great piece of kit time forgot!

Here is just one way you can utilise the hoops!

Robinson Crusoe Game!

Get your swimmers thinking of ways to move around the pool, different body positions, 
different movements and most importantly make it fun!

'Aaargh' they up for the challenge?

Reindeer Racing

Lots of woggles may be needed, one per swimmer! As well as yourself of course!
Start at the wall and sit on your woggles (between your legs) and race!

So many different ways to challenge your swimmers! Jumping/Galloping - Frontcrawl legs - Frontcrawl swim

You decide! Enjoy!




Speckled Frogs Jump!

Stage 3 game!

Hope your singing voices are tuned in!
Fantasitc way to encourage your swimmers to jump in the water and submerge, filling them   
with confidence through the joy of singing!

Dinner is Served!

Stage 2 game!

Get your swimmers concentrating on a toy, allowing their natural ability when kicking to take over!
Keeps them interested and makes them want to swim! Make it a race to collect the toys or a relay race when they get better!

Desert Island

Change the way you teach with more games for your swimmers progression!

Simple sinkers, woggles or floats, anything you name it in the pool and have your swimmers collecting objects and returning them to your "Desert Island"
Great Fun!

Floating Ducks

Give your swimmers a target to aim for when swimming! This game incorperates a time limit to push them faster too!

Make anything from simple things around the house just like the sponge and ducks!
Your swimmers will love it!

Rolling through the hoops!

Are your swimmers struggling to roll over in the water? Fear no more practice with apparatus  to help them roll on an axis! 

Hoops or woggles are great for this and the swimmers love it!


Noodle Handle Bars

Have motorbike/horse races with your swimmers! Get them kicking their legs as fast as they can whilst blowing bubbles to make engine noises.

Great fun for yourselves and the swimmers so get involved!


Coloured buckets

Colour sort

Simple game for you to develop and utilise for your swimmers! Think about developing with the use of coloured sinkers... 


Everyone loves a bean!!


Make up the movements for different types of beans .... takes lots of skills for assessment and lets the children have fun in a no stress environment ..... Oh La La!!


Cant see them sinkers ....!


Children able to play fetch ... just throw in the sinkers and they bring them back to you ....


Challenge them to find the ones they may find it harder to see!!


One for the little fishes ....


Bring bathtime to the pool, play the same game at home in the bath and develop early water confidence that translates to the lesson situation.




Bring what you do in the bath to the pool .... same toys, songs and actions


Who is the strongest kicker!!


Challenge individuals or teams to kick the others into submission!!


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