Stage 3

During Stage 3, swimmers work towards being able to swim 10 metres on their front and back and will be able to swim underwater to collect objects from the bottom of the pool. Rotation skills and water safety knowledge will also be developed.

Outcome 1 - Jump in from poolside and submerge (min depth 0.9m)

Outcome 2 - Sink, push away from wall on side and maintain a streamlined position

Outcome 3 - Push and glide on the front with arms extended and log roll onto the back

Outcome 4 - Push and glide on the back with arms extended and log roll onto the front

Outcome 5 - Travel on the front, tuck to rotate around the horizontal axis to return on the back.

Outcome 6 - Fully submerge to pick up an object

Outcome 7 - Answer correctly three questions on the Water Safety Code

Outcome 8 - Travel 10 metres on the back

Outcome 9 - Travel 10 metres on the front

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