"Where everyone swims together!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"

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                      Tridents  Swimming  Club                            (Swim England)

Tridents Swim Team began as a Masters club but has begun to branch into the younger age ranges in order to support swimmers from HALF Fish into competition, especially into open water events.  The club is affiliated to Swim North West and Lancashire County.  The first year of competition saw a number of national times achieved and two county champions ..... not bad from a bunch of veteran swimmers returning to competition! 

The club holds SwimMark as an Essential Club.

Tridents Rookie Lifeguard Club (RLSS)

Our newest club at the pool is our Rookies, swimming and saving under the Tridents banner, they meet every week on Tuesday's at the pool.  The club holds RLSS accreditation as an Affiliated Club, all of the coaches are Level 2 Teachers as well as holding lifesaving or lifeguarding qualifications and Rookie Instructor status.

The swimmers work on RLSS Rookie Lifeguard awards as well as STA Junior Lifeguard certificates, ensuring they have sound swimming and safety skills.

Tridents Triathlon Club

Lancashire Tridents Triathlon team has members that have competed at local events up to Ironman (with even a Hawaii Ironman Qualifier among them). 

The club holds British Triathlons Trimark Club - Bronze.

Willing to work with first time "Tri-ers" to those who want to improve their time, the friendly club is based at the pool with swim sessions on their club night which is Friday from 6pm.

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