"Where everyone swims together!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"

What Others Say About HALF Fish courses, and the tutors who deliver them ......


Our Tutors have been described in some of the most fabulous ways


"Excellent"  Outstanding  "Helpful"  Intelligent  "Supersmashinglygreat!"  Motivating  "Great Tutor!"


Sue on a Level 1 Teachers told us "Keep doing what you are, it works!"


"The course was excellent.  For a course that has to cover a vast amount of information, both theoretical and practical, it was very well presented, in a nice informal setting that put everyone at ease."

Comments from Level 1 Teaching Aquatics Course at Castletown Swimming pool, July 2015




"Shelley was very helpful with her feedback and advice"


"Thoroughly enjoyed the course! (four words!"





Comments from Aquatics Helper Course at All Seasons Leisure Centre, May 2015


"Excellent delivery"


"Really enjoyed the session"


"Set me on a path to start coaching younger swimmers"

Comments from Level 1 Teaching Aquatics Course at Retford Leisure Centre, Nottinghamshire, March 2015








"Great Laugh"


"Awesome Week fully packed with practical and theory"

Comments from our ASA Level 1 Teaching Aquatics Course at Northern Swimming pool March 2015


"Really enjoyed the course, had fun, learnt a lot!"


"Awesome :)"









Comments from our 3hr First Aid workshop Blackburn Central High School February 2015


"Very informative"


"Diane was great! Very good workshop with up-to-date relevant information"


"Good factual content with hands on practise"


"Gained alot of knowledge and skills"


"Helpful and clear"

Comments from our ASA Level 1 Coaching Aquatics (QCF), Kettering Leisure Centre, February 2015






"Good fun!"

Comments from our 6hr Oh! What a lot of swimming strokes... CPD, Stonyhurst, December 2014


"Great course, very good knowledge and experience"


"Really enjoyed and opened my eyes in terms of thinking outside the box!"


"A good day for re-learning and refreshing. Thanks Shelley!"

Comments from our 3hr Butterfly CPD Castle Leisure Centre, November 2014


"Good course! Really helped with bringing confidence to deliver Fly lesson effectively!"


"Equipment ideas, using sinkers and fins, great thinking!"


Comments from our ASA Level 2 Teaching Aquatics (QCF) course, Castle Leisure Centre, November 2014










Comments from our ASA Level 1 Teaching Aquatics, Castletown November 2014




"Stimulating and fun!"


"Great fun! Learnt so much and really enjoyed it... no Loved it!"


"Useful and effective"




Comments from our workshop in Penrith October 2014


"Went really well"


"Good amount of time on poolside and in the classroom"


"Really fun :) "


"Surprised how much time went into a Junior coach"


"Really good and very informative!"


"Learned alot"


"A great workshop"


"Not only did you learn what you need but more about yourself"


Comments from our ASA Aquatic Helper Course, Penrith Leisure Centre October 2014


"Went really well, with balanced pool side and classroom time"


"Really fun :)"


"Really good and very informative"


"Good fun and I learnt alot!"


"Great workshop, learnt what you needed too and more about yourself!"

Comments from our Level 2 Coaching Aquatics course at Accrington Academy July 2014


"Intense, but I managed it"


"More theory work please"






"Excellent course, Loved it"



A very hardworking and intese week long course, with RPL and ongoing work being completed

Well done by all!

Back to Basics - Breastroke CPD Comments at Castle Leisure Centre Bury in June 14


"Excellent - Excellent - Excellent"




"Loads of new ideas on how to teach Breastroke"




Short 3hr session enlightened all into new directions of breaststroke teaching


Comments from our LEvel 1 ASA Teaching Aquatics Course at All Seasons Leisure Centre June 2014


"Good Fun"


"Hard ... But enjoyed it"




"moving around in centre was an issue" - this we have informed the centre and they apologise, hopefully this will be resolved by the next course


Overall a Great course enjoyed by all and our course tutor Shelley

3hr First Aid Workshop Millennium Hall, May 2014 


"Enjoyable light way of giving important information"


"Shelley was fantastic!"


"Enthusiastic, making the course very enjoyable :) "


"Very knowledgeable, energetic, good range of experience and examples."


"Made it relevant to our sport, thank you!"


Comments from our ASA Level 1 Teaching Aquatics (QCF), Accrington Academy, May 2014







Comments from our ASA Level 2 Teaching Aquatics (QCF), Kendal, April 2014






"Really good, enjoyed Jan's teaching"


"Really good fun!"

Emergency First Aid Course at Lancashire Sport in March 2014




"Very enjoyable"


"Relaxed atmosphere"


"Great appropriate feedback and advice"




"Good use of practical & theory"



Comments from our ASA Aquatic Helper Course at Accrington Academy in March 2014


"Good explanations and presentation"




"The quality of Resources and Delivery by the Presenter were Excellent"


Comments from our ASA Level 1 Teaching Aquatics at Kendal, March 2014






"Really good :)"







Comments from our Level 1 ASA Teaching Aquatics Course at Gt Harwood in August 2013


"I found the course easy to follow and well explained. I didnt feel rushed with time, as there was plenty taken to explain through anything i was struggling to understand"




"Thanks for having us on the course we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and have picked up some great ideas that we will use to improve our club and improve ourselves as teachers. "


"Funative" (mixture of fun and informative)


"Our tutor was helpful and useful through-out the whole course, ensuring that we were happy and content with the information given."




"The course was excellent, good clear instructions with well placed breaks to easse the work load. Very pleased with the knowledge I have recieved."



Level 1 Teaching Aquatics Course - Kendal June 2013


"My tutor Shelley made me feel relaxed as soon as I entered the room she was very warm and welcoming. An absolute STAR of a tutor. THANKYOU!"




"I really enjoyed the course and look forward to doing Level 2 when suitable"






"I really enjoyed the course and found the theory side insightful and learnt alot"




"1 of the best training courses i have attended (both sporting and educational)"


"Kepp up the fab work I will be recommending to everyone!"


"Excellent :) "



Level 2 ASA Teaching Aquatics Course

  • "The Absolute Best!!"
  • "Enjoyable"
  • "Interesting"
  • "Intense!"
  • "Excellent"
  • "Fab!"
  • "Beneficial"


We will be now looking into the purchase of text books for the courses (one point for us to work on!!) - however to keep the costs as low as we do we have investigated that Amazon have a large amount of these in second hand form (some as low as 2p!! Bargain!!)


Thank you everyone for the great comments about the Tutor Diane


Hope to see you all soon



Hadley (HALF Fish Training)

"Emergency First Aid" for South Ribble Sports Development Team

The sports development team thought that our Emergency First Aid course was

"Awesome"; "Fun"; "Very informative"; "Good"

"Excellent"; "Lots of information - very good!"; Beneficial";

"A good course with all areas covered in detail"; "Well run and very enjoyable - the support from the Tutor throughout was fantastic";



We hope to be back to deliver further courses with you and to develop your skills so you can deliver alongside us!

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