Opening Times
  Times Large Pool Small Pool
Tuesday 10:15 - 10:45 Pool closed

Mum's & tiddlers

£6 per mum + tiddler

Wednesday 4:00  - 5:45 Lengths £2.50 Pool closed
5:00 - 5:30 Adult Lesson £6.75
5:30 - 6:00 Adult Lesson £6.75
6:00  - 7:45 Ladies Only £2.50

Mums and Frys

(6 - 7:15) £2.50

6:00 - 6:30 Ladies Lesson £6.75  
6:30 - 7:00 Ladies Lesson £6.75  
Thursday 4:00  - 5.45 Lengths £2.50 Pool closed
6.00  - 7.45 Ladies Only £2.50

Mums and Frys

(6 - 7:15) £2.50

Friday 4.00  - 6.00 Lengths £2.50 Pool closed
6.00  - 7.30 Swim Fit / Masters / Triathletes £2.50
7.00  - 7.45 Dads and Frys £2.50
Saturday 8.30  - 12.30 Lessons Lessons
12.30 - 1.15 Triathletes £2.50  



Do we have to become a supporter?

- Yes, complete a form on your first visit for £1. This will ensure you stay upto date with pool information and keep your swims at £2.50... If you don't everytime your swim will be £3.50... It makes sense!


When are swimming lessons for children?

- Swimming lessons for children aged 3+ are on Thursday nights, Friday nights or Saturday morning. We water test all our children to ensure they fit into the correct classes and individually get the most out of their lessons. Come down or e-mail for further details.


Are all teachers qualified?

-Yes all our pool staff are qualified! We are proud to state that 2 of our staff are ASA Tutors who train the Swimming teachers (1 being an advanced practitioner who train the tutors) All our lessons are run by a Level 2 swimming teacher and most assisted by another level 2 or a level 1 teacher!

You won't get the quality anywhere else!


Do you have daytime general swimming sessions?

-We did, but only 4 swimmers turned up unfortunately. As the charity and pool status grows we will look to offer these times again but currently the timetable will remain as seen above.


Our new adventure has begun!

We're taking on a swimming pool in Blackburn, Daisyfield Pools, will become HALF Fish HQ, as we aim to re-establish a great historic pool into full working order


Our swim scheme is

Swim University

is a success and new swimmers are joining us each week.  Spaces are filling quickly - come and join us for one of the best teaching experiences in the county.  Our teachers are lead by an ASA Advanced Practitioner, Lead Tutor and Mentor.  

We teach the teachers for everyone else's lessons!!


As the change over is currently ongoing please contact us if you  wish to enquire about swimming lessons, have any concerns or general enquires regarding the facilities of the pool using our contact details.




Our teachers  of enthusiastic teachers who's sole effort is to make weekly lessons as fun as possible for all attending, putting the swimmers at heart of the lesson!

Our lessons are 40 minutes long and geared up to ensure the children achieve at their speed

HALF Fish HQ @ Daisyfield Pools

c/o Daisyfield Pools

Daisy Lane




01254 433840



HALF Fish Training

20 Station Road

Gt Harwood



01254 884583 




Have any additional questions?

Contact us.


Use my FAQs to find answers to common questions

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