"Where everyone swims together!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"
"Where everyone swims together...!"

Our Swimming Lessons!

We are really proud of our lessons, and so are our parents and swimmers (please see the slideshow below to find out what our customers said)


We follow a combination of Swim England and STA awards scheme's as we feel they dovetail into each other and ensure that our HALF Fishes all receive lots of awards for their efforts


We water test our swimmers when they join us and the children move up groups / colours on merit when they are ready as we continuously assess them during their lessons.


Our programme has been awarded nominations at the Swim England Swimming and Education  Awards in 2019 .... as well as being an STA Starmark Swim  School.

Each swimmer when they swim with us will receive a tracker to collect stickers in and record their progress.


Please click here Our Swimming Programme to find out what each of the stages involves. 


Please click here to watch the Expected Standards videos for each of the stages - this is our "moving up" criteria! (coming soon)


When they move up they can purchase the next coloured hat .... so collecting the rainbow!

Our lessons also include swimmers with additional needs, we are a specialist Autism Swim Centre, and our teachers have completed additional training for us to hold this accreditation.


We also teach adults .... we can make you more confident in the water, improve your stroke and even introduce you to open water!


Our Pre-School swimmers follow the EYFS framework and we are a proud member of the Aquasensory family ... teaching the whole child!

Swim England Adult Swimming Framework

The Swim England Adult Swimming Framework is about improving confidence, technique and safety in the water, with no age limit.

Not everyone is able to reach their potential in the water during their school years. This is where swimming lessons using our Adult Swimming Framework can help.


Around 30% of adults in the UK can’t swim a length. Yet, one quarter of adult non-swimmers would like to learn how.


With four progressive awards to choose from, the Swim England Adult Swimming Framework is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced swimmers who would just like some additional coaching to improve their technique.


Adults have very different needs to children when learning to swim – as an adult, you have different motivations and learn in different ways.


Our Adult Swimming Framework takes this into account, providing goals and targets suitable for those aged 16+.


Take a look at the skills you will cover during the Adult Swimming Framework by clicking HERE

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